Dear America – Go out and vote Obama!

Imagine having a Government that cut too far too fast. Imagine having a Government that overlooks the human cost of a radical deficit reduction programme.

America, learn the lessons from what we are experiencing in the UK and vote Obama. His deficit reduction plan, which is three times slower than the right wing plan being implemented in the UK by the Tories and Liberal Democrats has minimised the impact on ordinary people. They have brought a double dip recession to the UK where as in America, Obama has delivered 32 straight months of growth and a better Health Care system for ordinary people.

Times are hard across the globe in this global economic crisis, but Obama’s plan is working – stick with it, stick with him, FOUR MORE YEARS!

Residents on Selbie Avenue and Severn Way denied opportunity to recycle

I am dismayed at the lack of kerbside recycling facilities available to residents who live on Selbie Avenue and Severn Way in Dudden Hill Ward. I have written to the Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services at Brent Council to see what precise facilities will be available for residents once the new waste strategy is in place in October 2011.