Household Rubbish dumping in Neasden

The last month or so has been particularly rewarding as a local Councillor serving the Neasden area. Every door on Cairnfield Avenue, Birse Crescent, Chartley Avenue, Eastleigh Close, and Tanfield Avenue has been knocked on. I have received intelligence from my fellow neighbours about two households in particular that are responsible for putting their household rubbish out on the roads instead of taking the time to properly sort out their rubbish in the bins provided to them.

What disappoints me most is that these people live in the area and are making it a dirtier environment for everyone. In the case of one culprit, it is reported that they are encouraging their children to dump by handing them the rubbish and getting them to dump it. This is unacceptable.

I have instructed for these households to be monitored closely.

Brent Labour to introduce Recycling Revolution

Our number one promise to the electorate for the 2010 Local Elections was the scrapping of the unpopular £25 charge for bulky item collection for residents which the Lib Dems have attempted to delay the implementation of. Despite this, we are still hoping to have the service available for Brent residents from 1st October 2010.

But we’ve decided to go further than our pledge to scrap the £25 charge. Part of our vision in the build up to the Local Election was to make Brent a greener Borough.

A landfill in Poland
Example of Landfill Waste Site (WikiImage)

We are now paving the stones to fulfill that vision, as Brent under Labour is setting an example that we hope that other Local Authorities will be adopting. Our overhaul of rubbish and recycling collection is part of the wider Waste Strategy, which at the heart of it aims to more than double the recycling rate of the Borough from what is is now at 28% to 60%. Under our proposals, landfill waste will be collected every two weeks and recycle and compostable waste every week. The weekly green bin waste collection service will be extended to 28,000 properties who currently have no such provision.

According to a report Undertaken as part of the Council’s Improvement and Efficiency Programme, the change in policy will result in efficiency savings in excess of £1 million due to less money going towards landfill tax. Basically as it stands at the moment, we are paying to put our rubbish into a big hole in the ground. WE NEED TO END OUR RELIANCE ON LANDFILL.

In addition, we have a statutory obligation to achieve a recycling rate of 40% by 2011. Under the current system, this target will not be met.

Yes, there are concerns that if people do not adjust their behavior and change their habits to recycle more that the recycling rates that we are aiming to achieve may not be realised. But the same concerns existed when Brent first introduced kerbside recycling and after an initial lag in changing behavior as people transit to become used to a new scheme, it is now relatively successful. If we keep faith that everyone will cooperate to make this revolutionary scheme work, we can make a difference and set an example for Local Authorities around the country to follow.

“Why don’t the Council clean our streets properly?” Dewsbury Road residents

This time it’s Dewsbury Road, but all over Dudden Hill it’s the same problem of Lib Dem neglect.

Dewsbury Road Tree WasteI met a few angry residents who are furious that this Lib Dem / Tory Council are taking so much in tax and giving nothing back. Many pointed out that surrounding roads seem to be maintained well but Dewsbury Road is left neglected.

On the corner of the road itself by the road sign were two dumped black bags. Opposite was a dreadful heap of tree waste by which it would be impossible to get a pushchair, wheelchair or pavement vehicle past.Dewsbury Road Corner

Not a single person I spoke to today had ever heard from their Lib Dem Councillors and hadn’t a clue who they were. How can any individual make decision that affect an area that they probably have only visited during election time?

Where are these Lib Dem Councillors?

I will be writing to the Council on behalf of residents on the issue of street cleaning on Dewsbury Road.