Dudden Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team down to three

Police numbers in Dudden Hill are simply too low. My ward currently has only one Sergeant, one PC and one PCSO as part of the dedicated Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team at the moment.

Last night, I was on a joint collaborative ward walkabout with Welsh Harp Ward to investigate cross-ward issues in the Neasden area. Residents are also welcome to join me this Sunday with the Dudden Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team for a walkabout in the Neasden Shopping Centre area at 9.30am. The issues that we are trying to solve simply need more resources.

There are currently three different area with differing problems that we are trying to deal with at the moment. In Neasden, we have the street drinking and anti-social behaviour, in the Dollis Hill part of the Ward, I was informed last night that burglary has spiked up again and the Church Road area has one of the largest crime rates in Brent at the sub-ward level.

Given the lack of resources being afforded to our local police, I will ensure that ward working money is given to crime initiatives as I have done in previous years. The doubling of Ward Working funding will go a long way to help me, my remaining co-Councillor and the Dudden Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team address specific crime and anti-social behavioural issues in Dudden Hill.

Willesden Area Consultative Forum tonight!

Tonight I will be chairing the Willesden Area Forum at the College of North West London (Willesden Campus). Join us from 7.30pm tonight where we will be discussing Brent’s Household Waste Strategy, proposals for changes to an emissions based Parking Charges and the Crest Girls Academy.

The Willesden Area Forum covers Dollis Hill, Dudden Hill, Welsh Harp, Willesden Green and during the break, you will have the opportunity to speak to your ward councillors, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, speakers and council officers.

Councillor Harbhajan Singh is the new Mayor of Brent

Councillor Hari Singh, Member for Welsh Harp Ward, has been appointed as the new Mayor of Brent. His wife Mrs Kawal Singh OBE has assumed the position of Mayoress.

The Mayor’s charities for 2010 / 2011 are:

  • Asian People’s Disability Alliance
  • St Luke’s Hospice
  • Shooting Stars

    Read his pre 2010 local election profile on the Brent Labour website – LINK

    My fellow Dudden Hill co-Councillor Aslam Choudry is the new Deputy Mayor of Brent.

    Brent Council accused of intimidating Brent Youth Parliament members

    I recenty spoke along with Transport Minister Sadiq Khan MP,  Islington South and Finsbury MP Emily Thornberry and my fellow young Brent Council Candidates Roxanne Mashari (Welsh Harp Ward) and Nadhim Ahmed (Dollis Hill Ward) at a Young People’s reception organised by Youth Opportunities and Youth Engagement Minister Dawn Butler MP.

    It was amazing to meet so many young people involved positively in our communities. A few members of the Brent Youth Parliament were among the guests which has since caused local controversy. The Liberal Democrat and Conservative controlled Brent Council has since sent the Brent Youth Parliament members an intimidating letter saying:

    “You will obviously need to give careful consideration as to whether you wish to align yourself with a particular person or group and what impact this may have on others’ perception of you as a Brent Youth Parliament member.

    “If you do decide to participate in local politics, you will need to give consideration as to which person or group you are willing to be connected with and, any implications of this.”

    Barry Gardiner MP, who represents Brent North in Parliament raised the issue in Parliament and was advised by Sir Alan Haselhurst to take the matter to the Speaker of the House of Commons. Harrow Times have reported in the story LINK.

    I think it’s an absolute disgrace that young people are being discouraged from being involved in politics by being threatened and intimidated in this manner.

    Brent Labour has led the way in youth representation and in this years’ local elections will be putting forward 5 candidates in their 20s.

    Amusing Tory spin on things

    I came across a blog post on Conservative Home the other day that made me sit back and laugh.

    “Gordon Brown’s fightback falls flat in Brent as Labour councillor defects to the Conservatives”, read the title, reporting on the news that Councillor Francis Eniola of Welsh Harp ward had defected from Labour to the Conservatives.

    The real story: Councillor Eniola defected to the Tories after failing to be selected as a Council candidate at the Welsh Harp selection meeting and the Labour Party Welsh Harp ward members felt there were better options available as candidates to stand as their representatives in the Ward for the 2010 elections.

    Councillor Eniola has never spoken in the Council Chamber or in any committee meetings and in the end, was not good enough for Brent Labour.