A Liberal approach to attendance as a third of Lib Dem Councillors go AWOL in the middle of last night’s Full Council meeting

Less than two thirds of the Liberal Democrat Group attended the Council meeting on Monday 23 January 2012. By the end of the meeting only five Liberal Democrat councillors were still in attendance.

Historically the Liberal Democrats have always had a liberal approach to attending meetings with the worst attendance of any of the three parties represented in the Council Chamber, especially when they are in opposition.

However, on this occasion their absence follows their crushing defeat in the Wembley Central ward by-election. What’s more is that attendance figures on the Council’s website will not reflect the fact that certain Councillors left the meeting half way through.

The Labour Leader of the Council, Councillor Ann M John, OBE lambasted the Liberal Democrats for their absence.

Councillor John said:

”Every councillor receives a basic allowance of £7,974 per annum and as a basic minimum they are expected to attend full council meetings. How can they expect to represent their constituents if they are not here?” 

Labour win in Wembley Central by-election! Krupa Sheth becomes Brent’s youngest ever Councillor

Brent Labour has claimed a sensational by-election victory in Wembley Central Ward in which Krupa Sheth has become the London Borough of Brent’s youngest ever Councillor.

The results are as follows:

1st  – Krupa Sheth (Labour) 1402 votes

2nd – Afifa Perez (Lib Dem) 1022 votes

3rd – Madhuri Davda (Conservative) 349 votes

4th – Martin Francis (Green) 130 votes

The Liberal Democrats chose to attack the candidate. On their leaflets, the Liberals labelled Krupa on the forefront of their leaflets as the ‘Brent Labour Council Boss candidate’ (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!)

Credit where it is due to the Tories and their candidate Madhuri Davda who ran a much cleaner and respectable campaign and did not resort to the same electoral tactics.

People don’t need us to spell out the hypocrisy of the Brent Liberal Democrats, fighting for local services on one hand but supporting the decimation of them in Government with the other. They can see it for themselves.

We ran a positive campaign promoting our candidate at the forefront rather than starting our campaign position of inciting hatred towards others. I’ve known Krupa for over two years now and am personally delighted to have her as a colleague at Brent Council.

Wembley Central By-Election Polling Day:

VOTE KRUPA SHETH (Labour Party) – 4th name on the Ballot Paper.

Polls are open from 7am to 10pm today (Thursday 22nd December 2011)

A Brent girl through and through, Krupa grew up in Wembley and attended the Swaminarayan school. A member of the Borough’s Jain community, Krupa speaks fluent Gujurati and Hindi, and volunteers at Jain temple helping to raise money for various charities across the world.

Krupa is deeply committed to social justice, and is training as a barrister to devote her career to fighting for vulnerable people in society. As well as her involvement in the local community, Krupa has devoted her free time and holidays to volunteering for charities, a local hospice, and the Citizen’s Advice Bureaux.

“Residents are worried about the effect of government cuts on Copland school and on police numbers. Women like me feel that government politicians are just not listening. I will visit every home in Wembley Central. I will ensure there is at least one politician who does.”

Krupa Sheth Labour Party Candidate for Wembley Central

Wembley Central Labour Party members chose Krupa Sheth to be their by-election candidate

I am absolutely delighted with the news that members of the Labour Party in Wembley Central have chosen Krupa Sheth to be their candidate in the Wembley Central by-election.

A quarter of the Labour Party are now under the age of 27 and more young people like Krupa are becoming actively involved with the Labour Party and being part of what Ed Miliband has been calling the new generation for change.

Krupa is 20 and if elected will not only be the youngest member of Brent Council, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she would be the youngest Councillor that Brent has ever had. She will also take my tag as being the youngest Councillor of Indian origin in the UK.

I have known Krupa for a few years now and in particular, her tireless campaigning during the 2010 general elections was inspirational. I have no doubt that Wembley Central will be well looked after with Krupa as their Councillor.

So come on Wembley Central, vote for Krupa Sheth to be your local Councillor on 22nd December!

By-election in Brent – Wembley Central Ward

Logo of Brent London Borough Council

A by-election will take place in Brent in the Wembley Central Ward following the resignation of Labour Councillor Cllr Jayesh Mistry.

Cllr Mistry has resigned due to personal reasons. A date is yet to be called for the by-election but a vacancy notice has been put out on the Brent Council website.


Wembley Central by-election poll closes….

Norwich North will be in the headlines tomorrow, but in Brent there was a local by-election in the Wembley Central Ward today. I’ve just come home from a hard evening’s final push of campaigning and am eagerly awaiting the results.

The by-election was triggered as a result of the Liberal Democrat Vijay Shah being arrested for fraud.

I have been campaigning hard in recent weeks on behalf of the Labour candidate Jayesh Mistry, a local bus driver who is actively involved with Unite the Union.

It’s the same old story in Wembley Central, of Lib Dem Councillors, have been the area’s elected representatives for years, but are nowhere to be seen….